Friday, April 3, 2009

The molds have arrived..

We've just received our new molds and I have to say we're rather pleased with them. You'd be surprised the amount of choices one has to make to settle on them! Length? Width? Depth? Shape? Break off tabs? No break off tabs? You get the picture. We just decided to keep it simple and classic with our logo embedded into each tab on the mold.

In other important news - we've decided to move on from our first conche refiner (and the gremlins that plagued it) which we used for about twenty minutes before its untimely demise. However, we have moved on to bigger and better things. Our new MacIntyre 250KG batch conche refiner is far superior to our previous machine. This guy does about five times as much as the last one so we'll definitely be able to grow into it. It also weighs two and three quarter tons so if you want to help us unload it you can come on over. Word is that we'll be receiving it at the end of this month. Once it's hooked up everything will be in place!


jessica said...
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jessica said...

i don't think anyone could have picked a more perfect looking chocolate bar. logo on every piece in the JAM!