Thursday, July 23, 2009

You say tomato, we say chocolate.

Hi again all - happy to say that we are in actual chocolate production and in the midst of preparing for the Tomato Art Festival which will be taking place in 5 points on Saturday, August 8th. We're looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labor and getting to answer your questions and getting to know some of you. Please feel free to mosey on up!

To learn more about the Tomato Art Fest you can visit their website here. Pass the word along!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Olive & Sinclair + Emma = BFF

We've recently joined forces with the wonderful local email marketing firm Emma to assist with our efforts of letting you know just exactly what we're up to. Big thanks to Megan at Emma for being so wonderful. Cheers lady! If you look at the top right side of our blog you can subscribe to the official mailing list - that's where you'll get all our news, event information and special offers we have int he works.

Additionally, we've set up a new Olive & Sinclair flickr page so you can peruse artwork, facility and machinery photos and various art concepts that we've established over the past year. Take a gander around if it strikes ya!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We have wrappers..and sweet, sweet beer..

After many, MANY long weeks of tweaks, color changes, size changes etc, etc we finally have a wrapper that we're pretty dang proud of! Massive thanks to Bryce McCloud of Isle of Printing and Joel Anderson of Anderson Design Group for collaborating with us to give Olive & Sinclair the look we've sought after for many a month. This is what you will see in all the fine shops and restaurants of Nashville in the months to come! Moving forward, we'll be developing color variations on this wrapper to represent the different flavor combinations yet to come. When in doubt, always refer to the circle in the top left hand corner to determine the cocoa percentage or what additional ingredients are in the bar you'll be purchasing. We have some pretty cool flavors in the works, so stay tuned to see when and where you can find them!
In other exciting news, our good friend Jason Malone of Birmingham's Good People Brewing Co. is in the process of utilizing Olive & Sinclair's slow roasted cocoa nibs to do some experimental chocolate stout batches. We're not sure what the result will be, but we're pretty excited to see how it turns out. Learn more about that here.

And last but not least, our friends (and neighbors) over at Mitchell Deli created a jalepeno and chocolate bread pudding this week, using our very own Olive & Sinclair cocoa nibs! We were fortunate enough to snag a taste before it ran out! Next time you're in Mitchell's, take a peek at their hot bar and just maybe they'll do an encore production.