Sunday, July 12, 2009

Olive & Sinclair + Emma = BFF

We've recently joined forces with the wonderful local email marketing firm Emma to assist with our efforts of letting you know just exactly what we're up to. Big thanks to Megan at Emma for being so wonderful. Cheers lady! If you look at the top right side of our blog you can subscribe to the official mailing list - that's where you'll get all our news, event information and special offers we have int he works.

Additionally, we've set up a new Olive & Sinclair flickr page so you can peruse artwork, facility and machinery photos and various art concepts that we've established over the past year. Take a gander around if it strikes ya!

1 comment:

Dusty Brown said...

David, Casey Correll works ar Emma and he thinks the company is fabulous! Good luck with the line. I will have to try some very soon!