Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After much hard work tweaking and wrapping up loose ends over the past month we're glad to announce the chosen chocolate bars Olive & Sinclair are going to roll out with! We've got a majority of the flavors hand wrapped and ready (you can find three of them at Mitchell Deli at Riverside Village) and the others are just a matter of days away from being ready for enjoying. They are:

67% (Ghana/Dominican)
75% (Ghana/Dominican)
67% + Kosher Salt & Cracked Pepper
75% + Coffee Bean
67% + Cacao Nib
75% + Sea Salt

We're busy now talking with shops and trying to spread these bars far and wide across Nashville in both traditional and nontraditional venues. If you have a shop of your own and are interested in talking to us about our chocolate feel free to hit us up! We're terribly excited about getting the fruits of our labor to the masses! As we deliver bars to their destination we'll be sure and let you know where that is! Give us a shout at

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