Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Eyed Willie's favorite treat.

To continue spotlighting the different bars we've chosen to launch Olive & Sinclair with we spin toward "Sea Salt." I remember when we were putting together the packaging for this bar we really wanted it to have a bit of a nautical feel to it. Blues, pale yellows and such were what we felt would accomplish the oceanic vibe with the packaging.

For the bar itself we specifically paired the 75% chocolate with flaked Cypress sea salt so that it would complement the super bold cocoa notes it exhibits. We also wanted to make sure that with a Kosher Salt & Cracked Pepper bar the two were distinctly different. So far its been one of our most successful bars so go out and see for yourself!

1 comment:

Kuntrageous said...

i've tried this bar and the coffee one; and the sea salt bar is most likely the best chocolate i've ever had. love what you guys are doing in your own community!