Wednesday, October 14, 2009

seduced by the dark side..

After we finalized our recipe for the classic O&S 67% choco bar we decided we definitely needed to raise the cacao bar and develop a super content bar for those who appreciate the ├╝ber-darkside of chocolate. Created with a closely related recipe to the 67% our 75% is based on choco rich hand selected Ghana beans then crossed with a scaled back percentage of fruit note happy Dominican beans. Conched with the cocoa butter and dark brown sugar we made sure to remove more astringent notes that many associate with the higher cacao content bars and ended up with a pretty killer bar that's heavy on the cacao but mellow enough to really savor without the unpleasant notes.

*As a little packaging side note, serving as the base chocolate for our Sea Salt and Coffee Bean bars you'll notice that band wrappers for each of our bars that feature 75% choco are much darker than the 67%, Salt & Pepper and Cacao Nib which are all 67% based chocolates.

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