Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS... (New O&S Holiday Items!)

We though about the holidays and what is better than a chocolate bar that is just the perfect size...HUGE. In our opinion its a great way to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...and ..i love you, i like you, i think your cool, i don't know you that well but you work here so here is the COOLEST CORPORATE GIFT EVER!!! Among other things, we just tried to think about what we would want to get for Christmas?!

Also, for the person who likes a little bit of everything or likes to dip their McDougals Chicken in a plethora of sauces, we are also offering a 4 bar tasting set Gift Tin. The Southern Artisan Tasting Tin will include a 75% cacoa, 67% cacoa, Sea Salt and now our Chocolate Java...Made with Nashville's own BONGO JAVA!

Check out our list of retailers for you Christmas needs!

If you're interested in Corporate Gifts with Please email me @ info@oliveandsinclair.com

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