Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We got Cool T-Shirts printed by the guys over @ Black Item Ink here in Nashville! Awesome Organic Tee's from American Apparel. Sizes Sm-med-Lg-and XL. Its quite the bargain to show off your love for Nashville's own Chocolate Maker...Olive & Sinclair.

Come by the shop and pick one up!

Only $16.50 ( please bring cash as we do not take credit cards)

Here's a few pics of me and Casey showing off our new threads! There are very few grey ones so if you like'em little more basic don't delay!

If you don't have a must be a skin!

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Suburban Sweetheart said...

Just won a chocolate sampler from you guys from @loveandoliveoil and it is AMAZING! I don't love the sea salt, but the Mexican Cinnamon Chili is incredible, & the salt & pepper is a nice close second. YUM! Thanks. :)